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Why Winter Catfishing on Lake Wateree is Like Georgia Tech’s Offense

Winter Catfishing on Lake Wateree with Captain Rodger Taylor In December of 2008 I went on my first “serious” catfishing trip – a guided trip with Captain Rodger Taylor on Lake Wateree. Since then I have fished Lake Wylie twice with Rodger, and he has given me periodic fishing reports on both major Catawba Chain lakes, but until this winter I had not had the chance to fish Lake Wateree with him again. Then, ...

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Lake Wateree Winter Catfishing with Captain Rodger Taylor

This article was originally published on December 14, 2008.  To view the original comments to the article visit: _______________________ Friday, December 14 was a cold crisp morning, and even though it was technically still late fall it felt like winter. It’s not every day that you get to fish with a state record holder, but I was getti ...

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Monster Blue Caught on Lake Monticello

This 97-pound blue catfish was recently caught on Captain Chris Simpson's boat on Lake Monticello.  The fish was caught drifting in 40+ feet of water on a large section of white perch and it was released unharmed.  Chris' previous big fish out of Monticello was an 82-pounder caught almost a year ago; October through the end of December are peak times for catching big blue catfish on the lake.  In addition t ...

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Monster catfish caught on Lake Monticello

Check out this monster blue catfish caught Sunday on Captain Chris Simpson's (864-992-2352) boat!  This 82-pound giant came in 55+ feet of water on a chunk of cut white perch, and it was the highlight of a "magical" day that included 16 other fish and 7 others over 20 pounds! As Chris has been reporting the bite for big fish on Monticello continues to be strong, so give him a call if you want the shot at ta ...

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Captain Jim Glenn on the State of the Santee Cooper Blue Catfishery

The Santee Cooper lakes have long been known as an exceptional catfish fishery, blessed with both large numbers of fish and very large fish.  And while the world record channel catfish was caught from Lake Moultrie (58 pounds, caught in 1964), and the state record flathead catfish (79 pounds – 4 ounces, caught in 2001) came from the Diversion Canal that joins the two lakes, there is little doubt that in ter ...

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Summer Catfishing on Santee Cooper with Captain Jim Glenn

This summer I had a chance to make my second catfishing expedition on Lake Moultrie with Captain Jim Glenn, and for the second time I was blessed with unseasonably mild weather.  In the winter of 2008 we went on an unusually warm day where air temperatures bumped the 70 degree mark, and this summer we could have used sweaters until about Noon!   Besides catching fish the greatest commonality between the two ...

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Winter Catfishing on Lake Murray with Captain Chris Simpson

Several years ago I had the opportunity to fish for monster blue catfish on Lake Monticello with Captain Chris Simpson, and I gained an appreciation of the nuance of fishing for monster catfish on that lake.  The payoff is tremendous if you coax a 30-60 plus pound monster to bite, and Lake Monticello has fish much bigger than that, but its huge catfish are finicky.  They can guard a piece of cut bait for an ...

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Winter Catfishing with Captain Rodger Taylor

When South Carolina anglers think of our state’s premier blue catfish fisheries Lakes Marion and Moultrie, Lake Monticello, and Lake Wateree probably come to mind.  But there is another lake that Captain Rodger Taylor believes should be on the short list, if it is not already.  With good tributary rivers and a defined channel, major feeder creeks, abundant baitfish and good depth,Lake Wylie is ideally suite ...

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A Year-Round Guide to Catching Catfish on Lake Greenwood

Lake Greenwood is on Fire: Catfishing on Lake Greenwood with Captain Chris Simpson When I went fishing with Captain Chris Simpson for trophy blue catfish on Lake Monticello, we anchored down and waited patiently for the big bite. It was an exciting waiting game, because nothing and nobody can tell a giant blue catfish what to do – or when to do it. At times they will sit beside a piece of food that they tak ...

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