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Lake Murray Winter 2014/15 Fishing Report (Updated January 9)

Lake Murray is at 358.1. Catfish: Fair.  Captain Chris Simpson (864-992-2352) reports that the latest big rains and large influx of water have caused the catfish to scatter and become a little difficult to catch. Once located fish are willing to bite, but they can be hard to find. Creek and river channel ledges are the most consistent areas to find a few feeding fish, but if you spend the time searching fla ...

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Winter Catfishing on Lake Murray with Captain Chris Simpson

Several years ago I had the opportunity to fish for monster blue catfish on Lake Monticello with Captain Chris Simpson, and I gained an appreciation of the nuance of fishing for monster catfish on that lake.  The payoff is tremendous if you coax a 30-60 plus pound monster to bite, and Lake Monticello has fish much bigger than that, but its huge catfish are finicky.  They can guard a piece of cut bait for an ...

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