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Lake Murray Fishing News and Report (Updated November 13)

A few weeks ago Lake World (803-957-6548) reported that they had never seen a fishery change as much as quickly as Lake Murray striper fishing did after the October floods, and with another significant round of rain it should be no surprise that they have seen another first.  Guide Richard Hall at Lake World says that with the recent rains striper have pushed up the lake and they can now be found from the m ...

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Lake Murray Fishing News and Report (Updated October 23)

Lake World (803-957-6548) reports that they have never seen a fishery change so much so fast as Lake Murray did after the recent rains, and as a result of the massive inflow of water striper have scattered out and dispersed from the dam to the elbow area.  Anglers are trying a bit of everything to catch fish including free-lining, fishing planer boards and down-lining to depths of about 30 feet.  One angler ...

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Lake Murray Fishing News and Report (Updated September 18)

Lake World (803-957-6548) reports that striped bass fishing is very good on Lake Murray right now, and of course anglers are catching fish on live blueback herring as well as on plugs and bucktails.  However, the hottest bite in recent weeks has been on massive 3-ounce Ben Parker Spoons (available at Lake World), and in the last month all of the biggest fish have been caught on them.  Different colors are a ...

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Lake Murray Fishing News and Report (Updated August 13)

Predictably for late summer, Lake Murray striped bass are mainly grouped up on the lower end of the lake.  However, Lake World (803-957-6548) reports that some strange things are happening and early in the morning anglers have been catching striped bass on free-lined live herring. Still, as is typical for this time of year down-lined live herring are catching the greatest numbers of fish, in the 80% range.  ...

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Lake Murray Fishing News and Report (Updated July 1)

While Lake Murray may be better known for its striper fishing than its catfish fishery, Captain Chris Simpson (864-992-2352) reports that anglers on his boat have been filling up coolers with channel catfish this summer. The key has been anchoring on points and humps and fan-casting out dip (stink) baits, cut herring, and shrimp in 5-25 feet of water. Channels are voracious feeders in the warmer months and ...

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