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Lake Murray Fishing Report

Lake Murray is at 358. Bream: Good.  Lake World (803-957-6548) reports that bream fishing is still strong, although off a bit from the pace a few weeks ago.  The best bluegill have been found in approximately 20 feet of water, while smaller fish can be caught around shoreline cover.  Good shellcracker have been caught in shallower water approximately 4-12 feet deep – keep moving until you locate the fish. C ...

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Winter Catfishing on Lake Murray with Captain Chris Simpson

Several years ago I had the opportunity to fish for monster blue catfish on Lake Monticello with Captain Chris Simpson, and I gained an appreciation of the nuance of fishing for monster catfish on that lake.  The payoff is tremendous if you coax a 30-60 plus pound monster to bite, and Lake Monticello has fish much bigger than that, but its huge catfish are finicky.  They can guard a piece of cut bait for an ...

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